Month: August 2016

A Prophetic Utterance?

In efforts to gain some inspiration for my own music I turned back to one of my favorite bands, Anberlin, and almost immediately felt the meaning of the words in “The Resistance” on their New Surrender Album.

These words particularly stood out while I was listening:

Silent alarms are ringing
Sounds of revolt draw near
A new united front
That you will come to fear
We will hold together
To become the change
Voice for the voiceless
With every common man engaged
Speak for yourself
Your paper tigers
You crash where you stand
You’ve got a riot on your hands

I am starting to see people wake up to the lies of our political leaders and the media.  Daily these paper tigers are being made more ineffective in their efforts as their influence on the masses sees further decline.  The pendulum of our nation has reached the apex of its leftist degeneracy and is beginning to swing back to the middle.  Change is coming and those who have been pushing our nation in the wrong direction are afraid.